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I enrolled in the WSET Diploma to deepen my wine knowledge and understanding of the global challenges facing the industry I love and work in. So far it has not been easy – you definitely get out what you put into it and that also means if you don’t prioritize the course, you won’t be successful. Altering one’s schedule in order to plan other life activities around the Diploma course has been a real and (sometimes rude) awakening. That being said, I’m so glad I enrolled. The material we’ve covered in class is fascinating and having in-class instruction by industry professionals who have visited and studied these regions intensely has been very engaging for me. The breadth of wines we’ve tasted is impressive and tasting alongside other committed students who have different industry and life experiences has refined my technique immensely. As a salesperson it has allowed me to better explain the wines I’m selling as well as evaluate the competitors in market. I’d recommend this course for other students looking to expand their mind and challenge themselves, meet and develop relationships with like-minded wine professionals and become a trusted expert and resource to their peers and company.