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Alex Boyd

Alex Boyd DipWSET is a hospitality professional with more than 10 years industry experience. In his current role as Restaurant Supervisor at the Delta Toronto he is responsible for development and implementation of beverage programs in the Delta Hotel’s food and beverage outlets as well as developing and delivering educational content and tutored tastings.  He has developed extensive knowledge of wine & spirits, academically through the WSET curriculum, completing the Diploma in 2018, and many years in customer facing roles, including curating and maintaining a list of more than 250 whiskies at Char No. 5, the Delta Hotel’s lobby bar.

Born and raised in New Zealand, his career in the hospitality industry has taken him from the South Island to the Okanagan and through the Canadian Rockies before landing in Toronto in 2014 as part of the opening team at the Delta Toronto.  What started as professional curiosity quickly developed into personal passion after enrolling in the WSET Level 2 while living in Alberta, continuing with the Level 3 and the Diploma program at IWEG.  Outside of work, he likes to spend time with his lovely wife, Coco, and their Border Collie, Pepper.  While he has a particular passion for Scotch whisky, he also enjoys the creative side of cocktail bartending, working on flavour combinations and presentations inspired by experiences and flavours from exploring the world around him.

Teaching approach:

My teaching career actually began in one of my first jobs out of high school, as a cross country ski instructor.  My approach is rooted in guided discovery, giving students the opportunity to make connections and grow their knowledge organically.  Above all I try to bring my own passion for the subject matter to bear to inspire the same in my students.

Study advice:

Read the specification cover to cover! Become an active taster – the more you taste and the more you develop your palate, the easier you’ll find it to apply the academic knowledge built through the coursework.