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Join the class of 2025! Perfect for both the trade professional and the serious enthusiast, the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines will arm you with specialist-level skills and experience, plus international recognition as an expert in the field of wine. Learn more.


The world of wine is so dynamic. You can learn about geography, chemistry, history, culture and gastronomy. There are endless rabbit holes of discovery with wine. It is such a diverse field of study, but at the end of the day, it’s still a food product. It’s something to consume and share with loved ones. There’s a tangible honesty to wine, and I think that really drew me in to study it and pursue it professionally.

Whether or not you are in the wine industry, I think you can abstract some very important soft and hard skills that employers are looking for when hiring candidates. The Diploma Program can be demanding, and it takes a concerted amount of self discipline and time management to stay on track of studying, tasting and coming prepared to class, all while working full-time, or taking care of a family. It shows prospective employers that you are diligent, detail oriented, and able to commit to long-term goals in a short attention span world. I think it’s also beneficial personally, to be able to say to yourself that you stuck to something and saw a challenging goal to completion. It’s an accomplishment that helps build personal confidence, and that can have a real snowball effect on success.