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I always had passion in wine, but it was suspended. A couple of years ago, I received a book about major wine grape varieties. I think this was a turning point where I started to consider it as a way of life. A few years down the road, I joined the LCBO in hopes of making my dream a reality. And it’s hard to believe, but that was a great idea. I was able to apply for tuition and be involved in the courses IWEG provides. After completing a couple of courses, I look forward to where this is going to take me. Will I become a product consultant at the LCBO or join another great company to advance my carrier in the wine industry?  I know for sure whatever I do next will be related to wine.

Study advice:

During my studies I tried different approaches to advance my knowledge. I used flashcards, rewriting the textbooks in my own words, memorizing facts, and looking for resources outside of the class in order to expand my knowledge. One thing that unites all is proper time dedication for studying. I dedicated an hour or so of my time every day to submerge myself in it. Somebody once said, “if a person dedicates an hour of his time to any subject, he/she can become an expert in the next couple of years”. I want to become one of them.