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IWEG’s office will close for the holidays at noon on December 16, 2022 and will reopen on Tuesday January 3, 2023. Please do not leave voicemail messages during this time.

You can register and pay for courses throughout the holidays here, where IWEG is always open.

All of us at IWEG wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


I decided to pursue the Diploma because I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the field. Even though I don’t work in the wine industry, I want to prepare myself because my dream is to open a wine-related startup in the long term (can’t share many details!).

The theoretical and practical knowledge from the Diploma course will be the foundation of my future goals. Without that, I don’t think I would be able to get where I want. Also, the networking part is great because all the students are bright and love what they are doing.

There is a lot of information and a lot of details. To dominate the basics (winemaking, wine growing, maturation, etc.) is the secret to do well in the exams.

I currently work at Align Technology (Invisalign) as the Senior Manager of Commercial Excellence. Besides taking the Diploma, I have the French Wine Scholar and the Spanish Wine Scholar certifications and I have an MBA.