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I chose to pursue the Diploma to further expand my knowledge in the world of wine while also learning practices to increase both wine and grape quality. The Diploma fulfills both of these goals by building on the strong foundation the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines provided and is internationally recognized for its quality. As a winemaker and vineyard manager who had never studied either in post secondary, I felt as though the Diploma would lend a more scholarly aspect to my hands on knowledge.

The WSET Diploma is internationally regarded as one of the top wine educations an individual can achieve. The breadth and depth of the information provided during the Diploma has provided extra insight into my current role as both a winemaker and vineyard manager. The Diploma has made me think critically about things I may not have otherwise such as tank space being a very valuable resource. The regular structured tastings of wines from around the world, in all of their various styles, is paramount to my success as a winemaker. Learning what drives quality in a wine has been invaluable to me.

Don’t wait! This goes for everything from studying straight to enrolment. I wish I had enrolled in the Diploma years ago. The effect on my career could’ve been astonishing. As for the studying, the Diploma is a marathon of information with each unit drawing on information from the last. It takes time, and plenty of it, to fully absorb and comprehend all of this information. Most importantly it takes time to learn how to apply that knowledge best to each situation or question presented.