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Eugene Mlynczyk

Eugene Mlynczyk’s MW DipWSET love of wine began in California while studying at Stanford University in the 1980s. He returned home to Toronto as the fledgling local Niagara wine region was emerging, and began studying wine seriously, completing the WSET Diploma at IWEG in 2002, simultaneously launching a new career in the local wine trade. Eugene became a Master of Wine in 2015 after four years of study, gladly passing both parts of the written examination on his first attempt.

Eugene’s current role is National Sales Manager at Principle Fine Wines, the luxury team within Arterra Wines Canada. When not drinking, sharing or describing wine, Eugene tries to focus on family activities, and can often be found hiking or running in the woods competing in his favourite sport, orienteering.

Teaching approach:

Everyone learns differently, so I like to use a variety of teaching methods with a focus on as much interactivity as possible. I also love to make the classes fun, while still moving ahead and getting things done.

Study tip:

Without fear of being sued by Nike, my strongest single piece of study advice is “Just Do It.” We are all so time-stretched in our day and age, that it is easy to let things fall by the wayside and try to catch up later. A mountain is climbed one step at a time (again, not my phrase, but it rings true), so simply set a plan and do at least one good thing every day against that plan and you are on your way. Practice makes perfect, and luckily here you just need to be good (not perfect) in order to pass the exam.