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My passion for wine started when I was young. As any typical Italian family, Sundays were usually the day of the week dedicated to more elaborate meals – and the expectations were always high, particularly when a bottle of wine was brought to the table. I believe there is so much to learn about wine, it is an endless learning process. I decided to attend WSET to have a deeper understanding about wine, improve my skills, be able to better interact with wine professionals, to learn even more, and get a WSET Diploma.

I am a salesperson who works in the pharmaceutical industry, and my job requires me to travel internationally quite frequently. I may have had wined and dined over a 1,000 clients and suppliers along the past decades, great opportunities I have to enjoy quality time in the company of interesting people who also like wines. When at home, I like to invite friends over for exciting wine tasting sessions.

Study advice:
There is so much to learn about wine, and such vast opportunities to be explored in this sector. Dedication for sure is required for a successful professional career or to achieve personal goals. The more you learn about wine, the more curious and excited you will become.