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A corporate lawyer by trade, my formal wine training began in the summer of 2016 when I enrolled in WSET Level 1 Award in Wines. While I had always enjoyed wine, I never felt that I had the right adjectives to describe what I was tasting or to know what I liked and why I liked it. From the first WSET course I was hooked and felt like I was in a grown up version of Grade 6 social studies class.

Level 1 just increased my curiosity and my desire to learn more which naturally led to Level 2 and then to Level 3. Frankly, I have to admit that Diploma frightened me a bit and I was more than intimidated given the intensity of Level 3. Instead, I decided to take my French Wine Scholar to feed my need to learn more about wine without committing to the full Diploma.

While in person classes were interrupted by COVID, I did complete the French Wine Scholar and did thoroughly enjoy it – still my favourite wine country! However, the Diploma kept calling me and it just seemed like the natural progression of my wine education.

I should mention that this is still a passionate hobby for me at this point, but one which I relish. The knowledge I have acquired, even half way through Diploma and the friends that I have made have been incredibly gratifying. Yes, its hard work, particularly when you have a day job. But the teaching professionals are excellent, incredibly helpful and you can tell they are routing for you.

Someday I do plan to “do something” with my wine passion, but for now, I am enjoying just learning about it. My advice – take the Diploma, make great, like minded friends, taste lots and lots of great (and sometimes not so great) wines and study hard.

À votre santé.