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Christopher Waters

Christopher Waters DipWSET is a WSET certified instructor who has served as the education director of IWEG since January 2019. In addition, he is the wine and spirits columnist at The Globe and Mail.

For 21 years, Christopher was the editor/co-founder of Canada’s largest circulation wine publication, VINES, and author of the nationally syndicated column, Waters & Wine. An internationally recognized wine judge, Christopher represents Canada for the Globe Fine Wine Challenge in Sydney, Australia and served as head judge and organizer of the InterVin International Wine Awards from 2009-2019.

Teaching approach:

There’s a lot of detail and discipline involved in studying a topic. When it comes to courses about wine, spirits, sake and beer, it’s easy to lose the pleasure principle. I think it’s important to keep the fun element in the pursuit of fundamental learning. Teaching at IWEG means embracing a number of techniques to convey the study materials with clarity and precision, but also striving to encourage and inspire the students to do their best throughout the course.

Study tip:

A great study tip is to ensure you understand the requirements of the exam for the course. That way you can properly structure your study plan to ensure you’re concentrating on the right elements to set yourself up for success. Make sure you build time for review into your schedule so you can have moments to digest all the information you’re gathering and check to see what knowledge you have absorbed.