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I was looking to re-enter the wine industry. The Diploma offered an unparalleled opportunity to gain expertise (and credibility) in the myriad aspects of wine that I had learned as an enthusiastic amateur.

I represent a high turnover portfolio of wines (with about 200 wines and 30 brand new skus every week) at Bossanova Wine & Beer (a bar and bottle shop on Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto). The Diploma has provided me with critical knowledge and confidence to help inform our customers and their enjoyment of exceptional wines.

Study tips:
Don’t be shy amongst your cohort. Form a tasting group and blind taste together regularly. I miss my weekly blinds with my Diploma mates who helped me achieve success.

Also, by nature I am a wordy person. You simply do not have time in the exams to write as much as is needed to score points if you use superfluous words. If you are like me, spend some time practicing focused writing – and drop the adjectives!