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After continuously completing the WSET Levels 1-3 in Wines courses, I found myself always wanting to learn more about wine culture, viticulture and all aspects of the wine industry. At the beginning of my studies, I initially decided to peruse the Diploma at twenty years old to stand out from the crowd, further my knowledge and develop enhanced tasting skills. By earning the DipWSET title, it would directly immerse me into the wine industry as a globally recognized professional and thus open a multitude of doors for career paths in all areas of commercial, service or production.

During this program I developed a passion for viticulture, thereby a future goal after the Diploma would be to use my knowledge and skills learned here as a prospective viticulturist.

I encourage students and enthusiasts globally to take the plunge and enroll in the Diploma. Although with countless hours of studying, the tools I’ve learned so far have allowed me to confidently taste and speak with fellow classmates and professionals about wine styles, wine production, and wine business.

Study tips:

Advice for future students is that the harder one works for this Diploma the more rewarding it feels in the end, therefore I strongly recommend this program for both professionals and serious wine enthusiasts in order to develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this industry.