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Join the class of 2025! Perfect for both the trade professional and the serious enthusiast, the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines will arm you with specialist-level skills and experience, plus international recognition as an expert in the field of wine. Learn more.

Never Look Back

A man sitting outside under a tree near a grey umbrella. He is wearing a grey striped polo shirt and a dary grey ball cap. He has a grey facial hair.

Adrian has been making his way through several wine courses at IWEG. We asked him to tell us about his journey:

Why are you pursuing wine studies?

I retired three years ago and decided to pursue various interests, one of which was wine. As a dilettante and not being in the viticulture business, taking wine courses seemed daunting enough. I thought I knew something about wines and regions until I enrolled at IWEG, not realizing how much there is to learn about viticulture/viniculture.

Tell us about your learning journey.

I enrolled in WSET Level 1 Award in Wines. The intent was to do one course, and gain confidence when discussing wines and regions with friends and fellow enthusiasts. I never looked back from there. I have completed my WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and my French Wine Scholar, and am still pursuing my wine education. Currently I am enrolled in the Italian Wine scholar program (completed Unit 2 and now pursuing Unit 1).

What’s next for you and your new-found knowledge?

My understanding of viticulture has increased exponentially with each course that I have enrolled in. My objective from just taking an interest in wine has now grown into a passion. I have visited a few vineyards in Europe as well as locally in Niagara and Prince Edward County. These courses have also given me more confidence in talking about wines. I have even organized wine tasting events for a few friends. A future in the wine business – you never know!

Congratulations to Our New WSET Level 4 Diploma Graduates

Congratulations to our new WSET Level 4 Diploma graduates Jackie Cooke and Lidija Biro!

They are invited to attend the annual WSET Awards & Graduation Ceremony in London.

“IWEG is extremely proud of Jackie and Lidija, who showed great resilience and persistence to keep studying the WSET Diploma program, despite all the challenges and disruptions in recent years to the learning environment due to Covid-19. We salute their dedication and hard work. The Diploma is a game changer in terms of career and personal development and we sincerely believe our graduates’ newly minted Diploma credentials will give them a valuable competitive advantage in the wine and hospitality industries.” – Paul Miles DipWSET, Executive Director

Learn More About IWEG’s WSET Diploma Program

Perfect for both the trade professional and the serious enthusiast, the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines will arm you with specialist-level skills and experience, plus international recognition as an expert in the field of wine.

Join us on May 31st to learn more about the program! RSVP by May 17th to

The IWEG experience

As the leading organization in wine, spirits and sake education in Canada, IWEG has offered the WSET Level 4 Diploma since 1988.

Our Diploma graduates over the years have gone on to become vital members of the wine and spirits industry in Canada and worldwide. IWEG holds the record for having the largest amount of Diploma graduates in Canada!

IWEG has been offering Diploma studies for longer than any institute outside of the WSET School in London, which means we enjoy a long history of student success. Our passionate and highly qualified Diploma educators, who come from different fields within the trade, provide on-going support to help you master the analytical tasting skills and supplemental theoretical knowledge necessary to succeed.

Learn About the Key Factors in the Production of Wine

Three women sitting on couch together smiling and holding glasses of red wine. The woman in the middle is holding up a WSET tasting sheet.

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is for industry professionals as well as dedicated enthusiasts who want to develop a broader and deeper understanding of wine.
You’ll have a thorough understanding of grape growing and wine making and the factors that account for the style, quality and price of the principal still, sparkling and fortified wines of the world. You’ll learn how to use your tasting notes to make objective conclusions on a wine’s style, quality and readiness for drinking.

This 40-hour course provides in-depth and detailed understanding of how human and natural factors in vineyard and winery affect wine style, quality and price. It further develops systematic tasting and description skills. Expect to spend 50 hours of preparation and review outside of the classroom.

You’ll learn:

  • Grape varieties, wines and wine-growing regions in detail
  • The key factors in the production of wine: location, grape growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling
  • How these key factors influence the key characteristics of the principal
  • Still wines of the world
  • Sparkling wines of the world
  • Fortified wines of the world
  • How to apply your understanding to explain wine style and quality
  • How to make appropriate wine recommendations
  • How to taste wines, describe their characteristics and evaluate their quality, using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines – condensed 
Date: Saturdays, April 15th – June 3rd at 10:30am – 4pm
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Become an Italian Wine Scholar

A bottle of wine, a glass of red wine and the Italian Wine Scholar study manuals for unit 1 on the wines of Northern Italy and unit 2 on the wines of Central and Southern Italy.

The Italian Wine Scholar is an extensive two-unit specialist certification focused on the diverse wines and wine regions of Italy. It is designed by the Wine Scholar Guild to provide current, accurate information on all of the wine regions of Northern, Central and Southern Italy, and to validate proficiency in the wines and wine regions of the country.

Unit 1 is 16 hours and covers Northern Italy and Unit 2 is 14 hours and covers Central and Southern Italy. The course provides detailed coverage of Italian wines, as well as an introduction to Italian history, geography, viticulture and winemaking. The units can be taken in any order and are sold separately

You will:

  • Develop specialist knowledge of DOC and DOCG wines of 21 Italian regions
  • Appreciate the cultural context of Italian wine
  • Consider the vineyard and winery factors that contribute to wine styles
  • Taste and assess a range of Italian wines, which illustrate regional or grape varietal typicity, as well as diversity of styles by authorized Wine Scholar Guild instructors

The course is taught by authorized Wine Scholar Guild instructors Nancy Reynolds DipWSET and Aleksandar Simic DipWSET.

Italian Wine Scholar – Northern Italy (Unit 1)
Date: Tuesdays, April 11th – May 30th at 6:30pm – 8:30pm
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Wines of Portugal Academy Initiation Level

Bottle of wine on a pile of books with a backpack and blackboard in the background. The bottle says wines of Portugal. The blackboard says Portuguese 101, saude! and ola!

Explore the history, taste a variety of wine styles, and develop your knowledge of the native grape varietals of this great winemaking region.

This 3-hour course is ideal for trade professionals seeking professional accreditation and Portuguese wine enthusiasts.

Discover the most important native grape varietals, understand traditional vinification systems, tour the unique sub-regions and taste a number of diverse wines showcasing Portugal’s diverse terroirs.

You will:

  • Develop an extensive knowledge of Portuguese wines
  • Be able to recognize the iconic wines, the famous fortified wines, the 10 main grape varieties, the typical blends and the contribution of each variety in the composition of the blend for wines of Portugal
  • Be able identify and know the main characteristics of the main regions (including Beira Interior and Azores)
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge on the harmonization of international gastronomy with Portuguese wines

Upon successful completion of a test, you will receive a certificate and the title of Wines of Portugal Certified Ambassador.

The course is taught by ViniPortugal educator Sofia Salvador.

Wines of Portugal Academy: Initiation Level

Date: Saturday June 3rd at 9:30am – 4:30pm
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To Graft or Not to Graft: The Value of Ungrafted Vitis Viniferas

Without Joker, could Batman ever be a real superhero? Or Sherlock Holmes the world’s greatest detective, if criminal mastermind Professor James Moriarty wasn’t a threat to his very own life? All heroes have nemeses, and vitis vinifera – certainly a real hero to many a wine lover – has one too: phylloxera. Read on to learn how some regions thrive on ungrafted vines

LCBO Welcomes New Spirit Of Inclusion Initiative Partner to Advance Equitable Representation in the Beverage Alcohol Industry

Spirit of Sustainability

Partnership will increase access to scholarships, bursaries, mentorship, and employment opportunities for diverse women.

Through the Spirit of Sustainability, the LCBO is pleased to welcome IWEG as its newest Impact Partner under its Spirit of Inclusion Initiative. The program will fund 20 new scholarships to support diverse women who are beginning or continuing their education in IWEG’s beverage alcohol programs.

Through partnerships with Ontario education institutions, charitable organizations, and trade partners, the Spirit of Inclusion Initiative aims to identify and remove systemic barriers for diverse women in the industry. The program provides bursaries and scholarships, facilitates mentorships, and identifies co-op placements for diverse women to enter, advance, and thrive in the beverage alcohol industry. Established in 1977, and the only Canadian school to offer all qualifications of WSET, IWEG joins the roster of LCBO’s education partners from George Brown College, Niagara College, and Brock University.

“I am pleased that the Independent Education Wine Guild is joining us on our mission to increase equitable representation and further support students entering the winery, brewery, and distillery fields. As a purpose-led organization, the LCBO is proud of our commitment to enhance diversity within the beverage alcohol industry, and we look forward to the positive impact this partnership will create,” said George Soleas, President & CEO, LCBO.

“We thank LCBO for their generous gift that will help students and our community of professionals achieve their personal and professional goals,” Paul Miles DipWSET Executive Director, “The Spirit of Inclusion Initiative is so important as it provides the support to grow a sustainable and diverse drinks and hospitality sector.”

Learn more about the program and how you can apply for a scholarship.